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Your Developing Child

Always and in all ways

Welcome to your first Frolic Newsletter! Your new baby has come into the bright and beautiful world where you have been waiting to welcome, hold, feed, comfort, guide, and love them. Whether you experienced a home birth, delivered in a hospital or birthing center, or first met your infant...

Growing In Faith

Going gaga for baby

Falling in love. Some parents report it happening in the moments after birth as they first held their little one in their arms. Others confess that it took them days or even weeks to warm up to the strange little creature that completely rearranged their lives. Both are completely normal! Either...

Celebrating The Seasons

Your little sweetheart

The first Valentine’s Day with your precious little one will give a new meaning to how you celebrate love. God made your baby unique, right down to their tiny hands and feet. Using a nontoxic inkpad, make baby handprints or footprints on a few blank notecards. Add some heart stickers and a...

Just For You

A parent’s growth curve

When you take your baby in for that first wellness check, the doctor will begin to plot their growth, measuring length, weight, and head circumference and plotting the results on a graph that corresponds to your child’s age. And your doctor might remind you that while these markers provide...


Frolic Picture Books

Frolic books playfully introduce basic faith concepts in a way that’s fun and age appropriate for young children.

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