What is frolic?

Frolic is a suite of early childhood resources that help caregivers at home and at church support children as they take their first steps in faith. Frolic is built on the belief that early childhood is a crucial time for human development and a foundational time for faith development. Research has shown that what kids learn about faith during their early years while shape how they understand God, themselves, and the world for the rest of their lives.


Dawn Rundman holds a Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology and is currently Director of Product Development at sparkhouse, a publisher of resources that spark new life in Christian communities. Dawn speaks at events and in congregations about the thrilling intersection of faith and neuroscience, especially during the early childhood years. She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband/prom date Jonathan and their two children Paavo and Svea.


Frolic books are designed to support the development of faith in children ages 0-5. Each delightful book melds child development principles and faith concepts to help little ones grasp these concepts just as they are developmentally ready for them.

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Each newsletter includes expert information about your child’s development, practical tips on how and when to incorporate faith into your little one’s daily life, meaningful ways you can celebrate each season and holiday with your child, and more!

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Sparkhouse Digital's Early Childhood Age Group helps churches support families with young children as they take their first steps in faith.

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